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I primarily do digital art, with every picture starting as a traditional sketch, which is then scanned and done-over digitally with GIMP. Much of my traditional art still remains in my gallery, but it is slowly being eclipsed by my digital art.

I occasionally use Lego Digital Designer to create 3D models and add backgrounds using GIMP, but not very often; I used to upload these models more frequently when I first joined DA.

Photography is something else I do. I do not post anywhere near all of my photos, but some I will post (if I think they are worth sharing, for various reasons). I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3i that has thus far served me well. :nod:

Also, around the last month of 2011 I had a trial version of Flash, which I used to make a number of digital artworks and also Flash animations. I have also made some animated GIFs in my day.






Colton Sparksman
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:iconrainbow-wplz::iconrainbow-oplz::iconrainbow-nplz::iconrainbow-dplz::iconrainbow-eplz::iconrainbow-rplz::iconrainbow-splz::iconrainbow-pplz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-rplz::iconrainbow-kplz::iconrainbow-splz::iconlaspazzoutplz:Rainbow Bullet by WonderSparks

Always remember to be happy!

Colton Emote by WonderSparks So I am from Canada (born here in BC, probably going to die here too). I am British, Irish, Scottish, Polish, and Cree. (Although the last two I prefer not to acknowledge because they come from my father's side)
I have a high-functioning form of Autism, and my memory can be a little crappy sometimes. ^^;

I like to talk, draw, and listen to music (both real music and video game music). However small talk is limited to people I know well.
I am quite a do-it-yourself-er (you will notice several little things on my page that I have made myself :D), and every drawing I make is sketched from scratch; I never reuse sketches. =P
I have been drawing for many years, and up until recently traditional artwork was all I was capable of, but now I have upgraded to full-time full-digital. :la:
Aside from this, my gallery contains some photography and 3D LEGO models, as well as a few Flash animations I made a few years ago and also some video game screenshots.

I am always honest, and I enjoy being positive (despite being rather pessimistic). I also like giving out lots of llamas! :D
Depending on the circumstances, when I give you a llama it might mean:
:bulletgreen:Thank you for the fav and/or watch! :D
:bulletblue:I like your art! :la:
:bulletyellow:Llama 4 Llama! :dummy:
:bulletred:I respect you. :nod:
I do not expect llamas in return, but it is appreciated. :3
Why? I do not know, llamas are fun I guess. Somehow I managed to get a Ninja Llama, though. >w<

Anyways, make yourself at home~ ỚwỚ :J by WonderSparks
Note that I am not liable for any damage, either physical, emotional or otherwise, caused directly or indirectly through the viewing or use of my artwork. It is the Internet, after all. :shrug:

:bulletgreen:Other contact info (Links displayed with underlines)
MWO WonderSparks (problems with Internet connectivity have pushed me to become less active in-game until further notice)
PSN gmdaishi (active thanks to Minecraft)
3DS 3325-2887-3637 (very inactive)
Skype ccsparksman (very active)
FurAffinity MunchkinLovaXP (very active)
*Guests can now view my FA account*
And always tell me who you are, either here or there, because otherwise I will not necessarily know who you are, and would then treat you like a stranger. ^^; And I do not necessarily add strangers. >w>
:PC: .:just because i'm small:. by MistiGears (This was made for me by the talented (and vacant) :iconmistigears:MistiGears! :dummy:)
:star:THE GOLDEN RULE:star:The Golden Rule by Cataclysm-X:star:THE GOLDEN RULE:star:
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This...Wait something doesn't seem right... by ColdHeartedCupid >w>
U.N. Squadron Flyby by WonderSparks 1990's shooters... Casually living in the past. B-)
To be brief, my younger brother has started causing trouble again, and I have been popping in to remove his vile comments from my page.

I also want you all to be aware that he is a known hacker, as he has already hacked my accounts in the past. So should anyone see "me" saying something out of the ordinary, consider it proof that I am no longer in control of my account.

In the meantime, I am diverting my attention to getting the proper legal authorities involved to deal with this infantile menace. This kind of personal harassment is not legal in this area, and will be punished accordingly.

Jesse, you stalking bore, you should grow up and act your age. And stop sexually harassing women on the bus. It wastes your grandmother's money on bail.
  • Listening to: Front Mission 3 OST
  • Eating: Raisin Bran
  • Drinking: Water

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So, get this: I walked over to the cop shop today and asked them how they're doing on your report, and why I'm not behind bars yet.

They laughed and said you must be stupid.
compilationoffarts Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  New member
 You deserve an apology; my mocking of you was slightly off-base - you don't say "mommy" anymore, you say "momma" (like there's a fucking difference.)
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Remember how you still shit your pants regularly up until middle school and the ditchpig threatened you with diapers?
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Mmm, then there was when you failed at slashing tires with a paring knife; that must have made you feel stupid.

Oh, I really liked when you punched your fat, retarded friend with your thumb UNDER your fingers and got a sprain; really, how retarded do you have to be?

I still remember that drama you made with that poor girl, Marissa; harass her with an alt account, and then pretend to comfort her with your real account.

"Here, kitty cat, I'll pick you up by your hind legs then drop you on your head. Then I'll try to drown you."   Sound familiar?

And maybe you should ask the ditchpig about her NES; she could tell you much more about how she's a vindictive cunt who just had to make her children miserable at the expense of her and her partner's enjoyment (kid plays NES when not supposed to? Smash it.)

How about when you wrote "retard" on my door and all I had to do to piss you off and make you cry was write "colton is a" in front of that.
You cried to the ditchpig to make me get rid of it, which was rich; "he turned my unwarranted insult around, make him stop being mean."

I love having the ability to pull out the NES or SNES for a good nostalgia trip.

Ooh, and then there was that time you had a hissy-fit and threw your stuffed crocodile in the dumpster.   And then years later, like a true sperg, you brought him to High School in your shirt pocket.

"A bloo bloo bloo, someone told me that a creepy pedophile was a creepy pedophile, so instead of debating it like a human being, whenever he was over, I locked myself in my room like a whiny piss-baby."

So many funny memories of you being a pathetic sperg.
kanyiko Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Plenty of thanks for the llama badge, and a belated Happy Birthday to you!! :hug:
WonderSparks Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are quite welcome~ :dummy: And thank you! :D
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