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Primary: I do a lot of traditional art and now also digital art, most of which is Pokémon fanart, and a good chunk of that is anthro art. Some feral and other, non-Pokémon things also exist.
Secondary: I used to build a lot of LEGO models, but that has sort of died down in recent months. I do still build from time to time, and I have also been adding custom effects and backgrounds with GIMP for more unique images.
Also: Around the last month of 2011 I had a trial version of Flash, which I used to make a number of digital artworks and also Flash animations. I have also made some non-Flash animations (also known as animated GIFs).






Colton Sparksman
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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Always remember to be happy!

Colton Emote by WonderSparks So I am from Canada (born here in BC, probably going to die here too). I am British, Irish, Scottish, Polish, and Cree. (Although the last two I prefer not to acknowledge because they come from my father's side)
I have a high-functioning form of Autism, and my memory can be a little crappy sometimes. ^^;

I like to talk, draw, and listen to music (both real music and video game music). However small talk is limited to people I know well.
I am quite a do-it-yourself-er (you will notice several little things on my page that I have made myself :D), and every drawing I make is sketched from scratch; I never reuse sketches. =P
I have been drawing for many years, and up until recently traditional artwork was all I was capable of, but now I have upgraded to full-time full-digital. :la:
Aside from this, my gallery contains some photography and 3D LEGO models, as well as a few Flash animations I made a few years ago and also some video game screenshots.

I am always honest, and I enjoy being positive (despite being rather pessimistic). I also like giving out lots of llamas! :D
Depending on the circumstances, when I give you a llama it might mean:
:bulletgreen:Thank you for the fav and/or watch! :D
:bulletblue:I like your art! :la:
:bulletyellow:Llama 4 Llama! :dummy:
:bulletred:I respect you. :nod:
I do not expect llamas in return, but it is appreciated. :3
Why? I do not know, llamas are fun I guess. Somehow I managed to get a Ninja Llama, though. >w<

Anyways, make yourself at home~ ỚwỚ :J by WonderSparks
Note that I am not liable for any damage, either physical, emotional or otherwise, caused directly or indirectly through the viewing or use of my artwork. It is the Internet, after all. :shrug:

:bulletgreen:Other contact info (Links displayed with underlines)
MWO WonderSparks (problems with Internet connectivity have pushed me to become less active in-game until further notice)
PSN gmdaishi (active thanks to Minecraft)
3DS 3325-2887-3637 (very inactive)
Skype ccsparksman (very active)
FurAffinity MunchkinLovaXP (very active)
*Guests can now view my FA account*
And always tell me who you are, either here or there, because otherwise I will not necessarily know who you are, and would then treat you like a stranger. ^^; And I do not necessarily add strangers. >w>
:PC: .:just because i'm small:. by MistiGears (This was made for me by the talented (and vacant) :iconmistigears:MistiGears! :dummy:)
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Firstly, I will not be replying to any submissions or comments during this check-in period, I am simply here to provide an update on my status for those who may be interested to know what I have been up to since February!

So, I made mention that my Internet was going to be cancelled. That has still not happened, which is frustrating. To be perfectly honest I want my mother to cancel it so we can have a bit more money to spend on more important things (seeing as I am the only one who really uses it around here, and since my last journal I have not been using it nearly as much). While I have missed talking to all of you (being the only friends I really have frequent contact with) it is better that I get outside more.

...That being said, these last few days have been cold and wet, and I have finally caught a rather doozy of a cold. Throat is very raspy and I am coughing a lot, nose is stuffed up and runny and I have gone through a full box of tissues blowing my nose... the works.
Although at least we are not getting tons of snow like the east coast. Not envious of them. But this rain finally got to me, and now I am stuck inside trying to get better.

Not everything is bleak, though. Other than my illness, I have been fairly happy as of late. Taking walks outside and doing more photography, and trying to do some pseudo-time lapse photography to catch the dynamics of a sunrise (walking to the beach while it is still dark out is actually a lot easier than it sounds!) although I have yet to get just what I wanted out of that endeavor.
The nature areas where I live are simply amazing, and until I got sick I was at least doing pretty good at keeping clean and active.

I am still unemployed, though, and the job hunt continues. If worse comes to worse, I will just have to accept that the only job I can get is something like cashier at the local grocery store. Or something like that. There are not a lot of job opportunities when you are practically living in the bush. But at least it is a lot more peaceful than living in the city!

Of course, with this much nature around, there are certain risks. The bears will be out and about soon, and the skunk cabbage growing in my backyard will be attracting them. There has also been a cougar sighted in the area, which is probably more worrisome than the known bear population.
Still, I am not worried. I exercise a fair bit of caution when I go outside, and I have little doubt that nothing bad will come of my walks despite the wild animals.

Speaking of, I have been feeding the local deer lately. I used to be rather negative towards deer, but I have since gotten quite used to them. I -almost- got one to take a piece of banana right out of my hand, but I guess I am not there just yet. lol

Anyways, that about sums up how I have been since I disappeared. I might post another update in the next few weeks if we still have not cancelled the Internet by then. Or I might borrow my best friend's Internet to post an update if we do finally cancel it. We shall see!
Alright, that is all for now. Hope you guys have been well!

Crikey, that is a lot of messages!
  • Listening to: Seven songs for Seventh Saga
  • Eating: Raisin Bran
  • Drinking: Water

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Hey you! yes, YOU!

We still need to play little big planet sometime. I was running around on there tonight. x3

tonight i realised I could hook up my keyboard to my ps3 (durr) so it is a lot easier to communicate in the game now, too XD (i am still not sure if my mic works or not..)
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But I just wanted to let you know that, although we may not be very compatible as friends, I do not hold it against you. ;P

I am sorry about the way I behaved, but I have just seen so much of that stuff that I lost interest in it tbh. >w> So that is why I feel so strongly about it. ^^;
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